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In the area you will find information and links to valuable resources that support our hobby.


There is quite a bit of information and valuable resources related to model aircraft building and flying on the Internet.  This area contains access to some of the noteworthy websites we've come across.


Use this area to try to locate these "offsite" resources.  If you have a valuable link to add, be certain to provide it to the NCCL Webmaster along with your primary contact information.




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New to the Hobby?

Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is the official national body for model aviation in the United States.  There is plenty of information about building and flying model aircraft for both the newcomer and the seasoned pilot.



Airfoil and Fairing Design Aid

Dreese Code Software is the perfect answer for those computer literate model aircraft scratch builders.  Dreese Code software is indispensable for airfoil and fairing design.



Custom Vinyl Graphics for Scale Aircraft

Cal-Grafx will create custom graphics for airplanes, cars, boats & trains.  Whether your looking for decals for your scale war bird or your AMA numbers for your sports flyer, Cal-Grafx allows your to specify the design and exact size needed for your project.  Decals can be ordered individually or by the sheet.


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In the Resource Center you will find the following topics or sections:


SAFETY TIP:  Flight Readiness  - If you are asked to "check out" a plane for someone, whether it is a newly constructed plane, newly repaired or following a crash, be frank.  Take the time to point out anything that concerns you, safety or otherwise.  If it were your plane, would you fly it like it is?  If at the flying field, ask to help with a pull test.  Comments about craftsmanship, fit and finish, not related to safety, are discouraged. - Dave Evar (Safety Officer)


Safety concerns can be e-mailed to Dave Evar at




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